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Protect the complete, accurate picture of your networkBackup Solution

Netusage Backup is a hardware appliance that provides backup storage for data, reports and configuration information sent from Netusage Console. As a single appliance Netusage Backup stores and protects vital information which enables a Netusage Console to be restored quickly, with minimal disruption, in the event of a crash.

The Netusage Backup solution comprises a backup license within Netusage Console and the compact and powerful Netusage Backup appliance. Netusage Console compresses the data and automatically sends it to Netusage Backup each night. Netusage Backup sits on the network and a single appliance can back up multiple Consoles efficiently over the WAN.

Netusage Backup is fully scalable, with multiple models available to store varying amounts of data, from 360GB to 6TB and more, depending on customer requirements. The large data capacity means that several years’ backup data can be stored.

Netusage Backup at a glance

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