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Network Intelligence for Business Advantage 

Netusage Console is a plug-in appliance that transforms network data into meaningful, usable reports immediately, with no disruption to your network and no additional software. Standard Cisco NetFlow data is recorded directly from the network and is transformed into a series of intelligent reports. The built-in intelligence provides answers vital to the optimal performance and cost management of your network.

The Netusage Console comprises a series of modules that brings its own benefits to optimising your network. Used individually or together these modules give you valuable insight into what is happening within your network and deliver important business benefits to your organisation:

Traffic Reporter

Detailed traffic reports for every hosts on the network. Give unparalleled control over application definitions.

Host Reporter

Per-server and per-application historical reports for server farms.

Business Reporter

Differentiate between infrastructure and business usage. Understand the business impact of your network traffic. 

Cost Reporter

Map application traffic back to business cost centres to create detailed cost allocation reports.

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