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CONSOLE - Cost Reporter

Network Cost VisibilityCost Reporter

Netusage Cost Reporter is an element of the Netusage Console, a plug-and-play appliance that converts raw data into intelligent reports hat can be viewed via a standard web browser. Netusage Console sits on the network collecting and processing standard Cisco NetFlow data, with no disruption to network performance and no additional client software.

Netusage Cost Reporter gives you unparalleled control over the cost of your network. By providing insight into who is using the network and detailing infrastructure and business traffic by business units you can allocate costs down to business unit level with greater accuracy and consistency than ever before.

By turning standard Cisco NetFlow data into cost allocation reports Netusage Cost Reporter brings the perception of the network as a business resource into sharp focus. Business unit or department can be made to appreciate the value of the network and optimise their utilisation of the resource in order to minimise costs and maximise effectiveness.

Accurate Cost Reports based on Utilisation

As a valuable element of the Netusage Console, Netusage Cost Reporter provides an accurate reflection of the cost contribution per link by cost centre. The costs are weighted by headcount within the business unit.

The reports transform standard Cisco NetFlow data into meaningful, easy-to-understand reports, making network cost allocation as simple to read as a telephone bill. The reports are accessible via any web browser, without the need to install any client software.

As the reports are derived from real information gathered from the network they can be viewed at aggregate level, with detail revealed by drilling down into areas of particular interest.

Business Impact of Netusage Cost Reporter

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