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CONSOLE - Business Reporter

Network Business Visibility Business Reporter

Netusage Business Reporter is an element of the Netusage Console, a plug-and-play appliance that converts raw data into intelligent reports that can be viewed via a standard web browser. Netusage Console sits on the network collecting and processing standard Cisco NetFlow data, with no disruption to network performance and no additional client software.

Netusage Business Reporter provides insight into who is using the network, detailing infrastructure and business traffic for better control over WAN management, Internet connectivity visibility and B2B connectivity visibility.

Netusage Business Reporter enables the network's value as a business resource to be accurately monitored and managed which effectively bridges the gap in perception of the network as an IT cost by demonstrating how it is utilised across the organisation. What is more, Netusage Business Reporter starts generating these reports as soon as it is enabled. There is no need for additional software or any customer specific programming.

Breakdown all Infrastructure and Business Usage

Building on the power of the Netusage Application Rules Engine, Netusage Business Reporter shows you a full application breakdown or every business unit, and for each infrastructure category. See total infrastructure or business traffic over time or drill down to see traffic breakdowns by infrastructure category or business unit. Netusage Business Reporter generates daily, weekly and monthly reports to show network usage by business units.

Business Impact of Netusage Business Reporter

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