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CONSOLE - Traffic Reporter

Total Network VisibilityTraffic Reporter  

Netusage Traffic Reporter provides fast, accurate insight into what is happening within your network for better network management and better visibility of Internet and B2B connectivity. It answers important questions:

By turning Cisco NetFlow data into useful business reports Netusage Traffic Reporter reveals what is really happening within the network, providing insight to both improve efficiency and optimise the business value of the network.

Netusage Traffic Reporter provides insight into what is going on within the network through a series of reports. These provide the answers to critical network questions at aggregate and detail level based on per network link information.  Cisco NetFlow data is transformed into meaningful, easy to understand graphs, accessible via any web browser.  Fast to run and easy to understand, you have access to the true picture of your network. with Timeslot and Hourly reports as well as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports.

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The Business Impact of Netusage Traffic Reporter

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