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CONSOLE - Host Reporter

Server Farm VisibilityHost Reporter

With the same application and host visibility as Traffic Reporter, Netusage Host Reporter provides infrastructure managers with a unified view of their server farms, no matter how many uplinks or devices (hosts) they are connected to. Host Reporter allows the user to historically view daily, weekly, monthly data for any talker, receiver, conversation or application, for all traffic entering and leaving the
data centre.

Netusage Host Reporter provides the functionality to page through all hosts within a Server Farm, or hosts external to but talking with the Server Farm, for any given period, and drill down to determine the traffic conversations and applications in and out.

With Host Reporter enabled, decisions can be taken within the Server Farm such as:

Whether your planning a Server Farm or Data Centre move, building a Disaster Recovery environment, or capacity planning, Host Reporter provides the visibility to support your decision making.

With IP Subnet filtering you can determine exactly which areas of your network are accessing hosts within the Server Farm. Using filtering in this way, you can determine which departments, branches, subsidiaries, and even different companies are accessing devices, and the volume of data being transferred.

For Hosting companies, Netusage Host Reporter becomes an invaluable tool for troubleshooting and application profiling. With the trend in consolidating IT operations and outsourcing continuing, it is essential that decisions are made based on sound data.

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