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INFO REQUEST - Customer Quotes

“Netusage is a standard part of the bank’s toolset for supporting IT infrastructure. The continuous development of the product ensures it remains the tool of choice for global environments.”

Network Manager, global investment bank


“With Netusage we have a tool that not“Netusage enables us as network administrators to manage our environment effectively. Without it we would be ‘blind’ to what is really happening.” In frastructure Manager, leading global Financial Services firm only provides us with the level of reporting that we need quickly and easily, but with historical retained data, network troubleshooting is also extremely quick without the need of a packet analyzer or other low-level tool. We provide a better service, and visibility to management.”

European In frastructure Manager, global apparel retailer


“We needed a tool to report on the very high throughput of Internet traffic globally through our company, and be able to report and charge back based on traffic volume for each of our sites. Netusage. Job done.”

Network Manager, global accountancy firm


“Reporting on encrypted and compressed traffic is a challenge for any organisation. Netusage takes away the pain and provides us with the ideal remedy.”

Network Manager, global insurance services firm

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