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RESOURCES - Whitepapers

Cisco Netflow in the enterprise networkNetflow Breifing Paper

This white paper is for network managers and engineers responsible for enterprise scale IP networks and reviews how Cisco NetFlow technology functions, how it can be deployed to solve management problems and how it compares with more traditional traffic monitoring and analysis techniques.

Deployment guide for WANsNetusage and NetFlow Deployment Guide

This document explains the deployment of Netusage console in combination with Cisco routers acting as Netflow data sources in Wide Area Networks built around a variety of common technologies; leased line frame relay, ATM and MPLS VPN. This white paper focuses on identifying where NetFlow needs to be enabled in a network and the commands required to enable it on Cisco routers.

Proactive Alerts in Real-Time.Netusage and NetFlow Deployment Guide

Netusage Alert is a proactive tool for alerting network managers to potential disruption on their network; from increased utilization of links, conversations or applications, and from Virus attack.  Network Managers are immediately alerted to the potential threat by SNMP Trap, Syslog and email alert tools.  Netusage Alert uses standard tools to ensure easy integration with existing enterprise systems.

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