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RESOURCES - Case Studies

Financial MarketsFinancial Markets Case Study

A leading investment and retail bank has chosen Netusage to monitor their global WAN.

"Netusage is a standard part of the bank's toolset for supporting IT infrastructure, and the continuous development of the product ensures it remains the tool of choice for global environments."

CLS chooses Netusage to monitor the world's only global FX settlement systemCLS Case Study

CLS Bank was formed specifically to eliminate that risk. Supported by 71 of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions and maintaining accounts with national central banks, it provides the Continuous Linked Settlement service as a means of settling foreign exchange transactions finally and irrevocably. Settlement is final the moment instructions cross CLS Bank's books.

CLS settles the majority of interbank FX, the largest segment of the US$2 trillion daily FX market.

Retail MarketsCLS Case Study

Leading global fashion house chooses Netusage to monitor their key branch network.

The company needed to ensure that although they operated globally, they were able to view all of the traffic running over their network links 24 hours a day, from any location. So whether in New York, London, Paris or Geneva, visibility of network traffic visibility was of paramount importance.

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