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RESOURCES - Top 10 Network Dilemmas

1. Do you know at any point in time what applications are running over your network?

Netusage Traffic Reporter gives you fine-grained visibility of all your business and shared traffic.

2. How can I improve my company’s standards of regulatory compliance?

Netusage provides historical data retention of traffic statistics, enabling long-term drill-down to any host, application or conversation.

3. How can I charge my network cost back to the businesses fairly, based on usage?

With Netusage Cost Reporter, business applications are mapped easily back to your organisation. This allows for fair cost allocation.

4. How can I eliminate probes in my environment without losing visibility and control?

Netusage helps you reduce your inventory and support costs by monitoring many links from a single appliance.

5. How can I gain visibility across my managed MPLS network?

Netusage has been successfully deployed in a number of managed MPLS and VPN environments.

6. Can I provide individual Netusage reports to my customers?

You bet! Whether you have internal clients or external customers, Netusage provides fine-grained access control to your reports.

7. How can I gain visibility of all encrypted, compressed and firewall traffic?

Netusage provides a number of solutions to provide Total Network Visibility in any scenario.

8. How do I calculate the impact of moving my data centre or server farm?

Netusage Host Reporter gives you visibility of any server, client or application, at any time, providing you with a unique insight into the data centre.

9. How can I monitor my converged voice and data traffic?

Netusage’s unrivalled flexibility in defining applications allows you accurately to track SIP and RTP data.

10. How long will it take us to get up and running with Netusage?

We specifically designed Netusage to be quick to deploy and easy to use. Our customer feedback says it all — deployment times and usability are the best in the industry.

Netusage is the only way to tackle these real challenges today, quickly and comprehensively. You don’t need to be a network expert to understand your network.

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